We engage in R & D in the company of our clients with the joint aim of demonstrating the application of nanotechnology in the process or product.

We have a team of professionals in a great career.

In addition, we have a long way to contact some universities, which have allowed us to go enrich our knowledge in the field of nanotechnology research. Today we are linked with a couple of these institutions and ready to make formal links with others of the same nature.

We are in development for the area tr We offer companies the transport, health and industrial hygiene, farming, household products, lubricants and construction. While we are looking to exploit the potential of different metals, we are focusing on the enormous potential of the application of copper nanoparticles by its biocidal properties.

We offer companies the opportunity to join the world of nanotechnology, the opportunity to add value to their products. We have strong support from researchers with a wealth of information, allowing us to offer various alternative solutions.

We also offer exclusivity and confidentiality. But the best protection is to tee, be the first and generate significant value, and that the client, through their choice in this development, give us exclusivity. Protection is based on the quality and consistency.

The R & D Law has been certainly important for Chile to advance in the development of innovation. However, there is still a culture that incorporates R & D within companies to reap the benefits of the new regulations, such as tax incentives.

Nanotec is a young, agile and dynamic, specialized in developing high-tech solutions for industrial applications of nanotechnology. The company is engaged in R & D, production, engineering and sales of new nanostructured materials for auto mechanics, ceramics, glass, polymers, chemical industries, textile, aerospace, plastic and composite materials, and everything related to these sectors.

In particular Nanotec core business focuses on the production of nanoparticles, used as nanofillers in a wide range of industrial products, the development of high technology solutions tailored to the needs of companies who decide to start a collaboration with Nanotec . The main task is therefore to meet the needs of customers according to their requests in terms of performance and properties of materials, providing a full service from concept to full implementation.

This is a very innovative active with large R & D content and not hard to guess with Nanotecsignificant synergies in the field of materials characterization.


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